We offer nation-wide sampling services and excellent logistics. Both the field staff and your customer adviser always provide competent advice. Our service includes both the preliminary transmission of results in urgent cases and reliable scheduling and consistent monitoring of your regular sampling (Drinking Water Ordinance, in-house monitoring prescriptions).


Waste Water

First-class analysis throughout Germany, including sample collection! Local authorities and customers from the industrial sector entrust AGROLAB with the testing of waste water. In the case of districts or German Federal states, we are also responsible for public contracts, monitoring direct dischargers.


Drinking Water

Tests according to the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) are the centrepiece of our water analysis department. In almost every Federal State, the AGROLAB GROUP is responsible for practically all the tests on drinking water or drinking water supplies. We also have the appropriate experience in testing drinking water for livestock.


Bathing Water

We can gladly monitor all types of bathing water. Our standard service entails the delivery of automated findings including historical comparison. On request, AGROLAB can manage all process controls (input - treatment - output - basin - residual water) as far as expert installation advice prior to the construction of bathing facilities.


Seapage, Ground- and Surface Water

The environmental laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP provide a competent and comprehensive range of chemical tests to suit all your requirements - whether regulated by law (e.g. Water Module) or not - using accredited methods. We can provide containers for sampling according to the current standards. Our service also includes efficient organisation of sample transportation.



We have expanded our comprehensive analytical scope of PFAS analyses and now offers the sum parameters TOP (Total Oxidizable Precursors) and AOF (adsorbable organic fluorine). These parameters can be determined in all aqueous matrices: waste water, ground and surface water, and leachates.


Radiochemical Testing

AGROLAB LUFA GmbH in Kiel has many years of experience along with state-of-the-art measuring instruments for testing all matrices for the activity of radioactive isotopes, as well as natural and artificial radionuclides.