food analysis

Agrolab is the right partner for all tests involving food quality and safety. State-of-the-art laboratory technology, validated analytical methods and experienced staff guarantee reliable and rapid results.

agricultural analysis

man in the field
The AGROLAB GROUP is the only private laboratory in Germany offering the complete spectrum of agricultural analytics. We test soil, feed, harvested products, fertiliser and more. We offer you rapid results, provide huge capacities and work highly efficiently. Trust the market leader.

Environmental analysis

We analyse e.g. soil, air, wastes, and biofuels, and test them according to the state-specific prescriptions. Pollutant analysis and radiochemical tests complete our range of services. Vast experience, short standard delivery times and a pronounced adherence to schedules are the advantages of environmental analysis with AGROLAB.

Water analysis

laboratory technician analyses water
The AGROLAB GROUP tests the quality of any water according to current ordinances. We determine chemical, physical and microbiological parameters. We offer excellent nation-wide logistics for sampling and transportation.

Feed analysis

cows eat grass
AGROLAB LUFA, part of the AGROLAB GROUP, is one of the world's leading feed laboratories. We test all types of feed for their content of constituents and contaminants, offering a broad spectrum of parameters. We are highly specialised in particular in the analysis of vitamins, dioxins and mycotoxins. Farmers, retailers and feed manufacturers from all over the world entrust us with their samples.