We developed an innovative, unique method for professional sampling. But we are flexible - whether with activated carbon, absorption tube or other - you, as the customer, decide on the type of sampling.


Overview of our tests

Soil air, landfill gas (gas container, adsorbent)

Soil air, landfill gas (gas container, adsorbent)

Activated charcoal, headspace gas, aluminium minican, impinger solutions and filters are analysed. An evacuated aluminium minican with manometer and instructions for use can be provided by the laboratory upon request. In addition to testing a wide spectrum of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and landfill gases, analyses are also performed on siloxanes, dioxins/furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, phenols, chlorobenzenes, solvents and compounds of moderate volatility, as well as metals and methylmercury.


Room air, ambient air (passive samplers)

Room Air, ambient air (passive samplers)

Our central laboratory in Deventer has a range of analysis packages for testing indoor pollutants, using the following passive samplers: RADIELLO, GABIE, 3M, ARBO. Analysis is performed using the sophisticated GC/MS method.