Testing of the accuracy of the specifications, marketability test, nutrition labelling. AGROLAB provides support in the development of sensible, risk-based testing plans and finds the right balance between safety and cost-effectiveness. More and more, we also advise retail chains regarding formal labelling issues for house brand products (e.g. Health Claims Ordinance, QUID, etc.).


Overview of our services

Nutrient analysis

Nutrient analyses

For the purposes of quality control and labelling, we perform:
nutrient analyses (water, fat, protein, carbohydrates, ash), fatty acid analyses, amino acid assays, dietary fibre assays, and shelf-life testing of fresh produce and preparations.


Minerals and trace elements

Minerals and trace elements

Minerals and trace elements have important physiological functions. They are obtained from food or nutritional supplements. The composition has to be right and so must be analysed.



Our AGROLAB LUFA institute in Kiel is one of the leading analytical laboratories in Europe for all water- and fat-soluble vitamins.
Our special expertise enables us to precisely and reliably determine the content of a whole range of vitamins at the stage of sample preparation, even from complex biomatrices. We employ HPLC and microbiological techniques for this purpose.


Other constituensts, additives or excipients

Other constituents, additives or excipients

By using accredited methods, we support you with internal quality controls involving taurin, caffeine, preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers, etc.

Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis

The sensory evaluation of food requires trained and experienced experts as well as a standardised environment in which to make objective judgments. You can relay on decades of proven experience at AGROLAB LUFA.



Food analysis is a matter of trust

We provide services to numerous international food manufacturers and retail chains, as well as their suppliers, and are actively involved in ensuring, through analytical processes, that their raw materials and products are of the required quality. This collaboration is very much based on many years of mutual trust and discretion, and is subject to strictest confidentiality. Hence you will only find a small selection of testimonials here.