We have an extensive, redundant and modern set of instruments - with EDP connection to the central LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System). Sample preparations and elutions/column tests with high capacities are available. The standard test time is of 3-5 working days, and express times can be arranged if required.


Overview of our services

Contaminated soil


Contaminated soil, including eluate/column test

Contaminated Soil, including Eluate/Column Test Our analysis packages allow for the pertinent state-specific and regional legislation. Accredited methods and assay limits are designed to meet the legal provisions. Our extensive portfolio of single parameters includes, amongst others, special substance groups such as pesticides and metabolites, compounds typically found in explosives, NSO-heterocycles, chlorobenzenes, chlorophenols, phenols, polyfluorinated tensides, dioxins/furans, dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls, phthalates, organozinc compounds, HVHH metabolites.



Sampling and the advantages of analysis with AGROLAB

The analysis of soil and mineral waste initially depends on representative samples being obtained with extremely laborious sample preparation processes. To this end, our laboratories can provide specially developed equipment.


The standard analysis period for routine orders is 3-5 working days. An express service can also be arranged upon request.


AGROLAB GROUP's environmental laboratories have individually appointed account managers, delivering outstanding quality by the promised deadlines.