In almost all Federal States, the AGROLAB GROUP is responsible for nearly all the testing of drinking water or drinking water supplies. We also offer corresponding experience in the testing of drinking water for livestock.


Overview of our services

Drinking water

Drinking water

Drinking water is quite rightly the most closely monitored food product. We conduct physical, physicochemical, chemical and microbiological tests (including Legionella) as well as sampling procedures throughout Germany.
We can also help you with analytical procedures for self-monitoring. Our expertise is of course confirmed by nationwide accreditations and private appraisers in the water management sector.
We can provide you with the data in any of the formats required by each Federal state.
If the analysis is urgent (e.g. when exceeding microbiological thresholds), we can send preliminary information by e-mail or text message.


We're glad to offer our analytical services in the processing of untreated water.

Household installations

Legionella, including household installations

Is the tap water in your property used by others, such as tenants, patients, pupils or hotel guests?

Then in the eyes of the law you are the operator of a drinking water facility and so are obliged to test your water, at least for Legionella, every year to every three years!
The AGROLAB GROUP conducts the necessary tests throughout Germany, as well as taking the pertinent samples, writing the test report along with action proposals, and producing a notice for users/tenants. We also conduct testing for all other parameters of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), compliance with which you must guarantee as the operator of a drinking water facility.


Trough water analysis

Trough water analysis for cattle

Anyone using their own well for supplying sheltered animals with water should have the quality of the water tested regularly, since it can fluctuate considerably. Poor-quality water can result in performance issues and health problems.

Trough water is subject to feed hygiene regulations. In its interpretation of these regulations, the German Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection has published a list of reference values (see:
Health problems can arise if the given reference values are exceeded. Not only are iron, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, sulphate and pH of interest here, but also the bacterial content of the water.

Individual water supplies

Analysis for individual water supplies, such as private wells

It is important to individual water suppliers that testing be carried out as per the Drinking Water Ordinance. According to the law, and in the interests of personal health, you need to be certain that your well water is safe and meets the required standards. We can arrange for local, qualified experts to take the legally stipulated samples as well as conduct accredited test procedures for obtaining reliable results.

Evaluation of the corrosiveness of water according to recognised standards

We also test pipeline networks for deposits and corrosive products, delivering a causal assessment. What operators or installers of boiler systems can expect from us:

  • Competent sampling, analysis and assessment within the entire water regime of a boiler system as per the relevant instructions and manufacturer's guidelines
  • Preventive analysis and/or causal investigation in the event of damage
  • Development of technologies for chemical cleaning of boilers

AGROLAB's approach to drinking water analysis

A key ingredient in the assessment of drinking water is a professional sampling process. The tiniest impurity can cast doubt on the analysis result and necessitate repeat sampling and testing.


Our nationwide network of accredited, certified sampling professionals guarantees that routine water samples are skilfully collected as well as reliably and rapidly delivered to the lab.


Professional sampling through AGROLAB saves you time and money.