We also offer express analysis upon request. You can expect great expertise and flexibility also in terms of IT-supported data transmission, e.g. as a draft for your report. National and international reference projects in the field of environmental analysis speak for the AGROLAB GROUP.


Soil, Mineral Waste

Soil, mineral waste
The environmental laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP offer a broad range of instrumental analyses for organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as wet chemical methods. We have an extensive, redundant and modern set of instruments - with EDP connection to the central LIMS (laboratory information and management system). Sample preparations and elution/column tests are provided with high capacities. The standard test time is 3-5 working days, and express times can be arranged upon request.


Building Pollutants

Construction site
When it comes to testing for harmful substances in buildings, AGROLAB excels with speed and outstanding expertise. In urgent cases, a phone call is all it takes to obtain an express analysis from our asbestos laboratories. If necessary, a member of our qualified team can provide you with support according to TRGS 519 No. 2.7, Annex 3.



Fire brigade
We have expanded our comprehensive analytical scope of PFAS analyses and now offers the sum parameters TOP (Total Oxidizable Precursors) and AOF (adsorbable organic fluorine). These parameters can be determined in all aqueous matrices: waste water, ground and surface water, and leachates.


Non-mineral Solid Waste, Refuse-derived Fuels, Secondary Raw Materials

Waste bins
AGROLAB's special laboratory for solid non-mineral waste in Plauen offers a broad range of tests. A special feature of waste analysis is the extremely elaborate process of sample preparation using specifically developed instruments, which can achieve reliable results even with large heterogeneous masses. A plausibility check of the analysis values, i.e. a comparison with historical data, is also included in our service.


Waste Oil, Biofuels

Waste oil
AGROLAB offers disposal companies competent residue analysis for waste oil declarations. We have our own dedicated laboratory for this purpose. We also test the quality of biofuels, measure their heating value, and much more. We cover an extensive range of parameters.



AGROLAB tests communal sewage sludge, as well as sludge from all processing stages of water treatment with a view to combustion and agricultural use. We also specialise in the analysis of dioxins and dl-PCBs, using high-tech equipment in our dedicated laboratories. Through our participation in standardisation committees, we are familiar with methods and standards before they are even implemented. We provide legally required fertiliser declarations free of charge, as well as recommendations on what you should be testing in the future.


Radiochemical Analysis

Radioactive analysis
AGROLAB LUFA GmbH in Kiel has many years of experience along with state-of-the-art measuring instruments for testing all matrices for the activity of radioactive isotopes, as well as natural and artificial radionuclides.


Air and Gas Analysis

Gas bottles
AGROLAB tests soil air and landfill gas, as well as ambient air, for example, for pollutants. We have developed an innovative, unique method for professional sampling. But we are also flexible - whether activated carbon, absorption tube or another method - you, as the customer, decide on how the samples should be taken.