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Dear customer,
We would like to inform you that "AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH" has changed its name to Sarstedt. With legal effect from 29 September 2023, the Sarstedt site will bear the name AGROLAB Agrar GmbH.
With this step, we are emphasising the differentiation between environmental and agricultural analysis. (We offer accredited environmental analysis at our highly specialised laboratory sites in Kiel and Bruckberg).
AGROLAB Agrar GmbH is still 100% owned by AGROLAB GmbH, based in Landshut. Therefore, nothing significant will change for you. Your customer number(s) and contact person(s) remain the same, our bank details and commercial register number remain the same. You will receive our analyses in the usual quality!
Unfortunately, we do not yet have a new accreditation certificate. However, the previous one is still valid in the meantime. As soon as we receive the requested certificate from the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), you will find it on this website.

If you have a direct debit mandate with us, this will also remain unchanged. You don't have one yet, but would like to give us one? Then take a look at our homepage here.
Do you have any questions? Please contact the customer advisors you know or our head office on
tel: +49 5066 90193-35 or by e-mail.
We look forward to continuing our trusting co-operation with you and thank you very much for your understanding.
Your AGROLAB team in Sarstedt


Our activities:

  • Agricultural soils (nutrients, trace elements, soil physics, Nmin, AbfKlärV)
  • Horticulture soils and substrates
  • Irrigation water
  • Compost
  • Fermentation products
  • Analysis of commercial fertilisers (slurry, manure, liquid manure)
  • Biogas facility: input, output, process control
  • Analytics for process control in biogas plants

  • Anaerobic batch digestion test

  • Basic Feed / silage / hay
  • Plant analysis for fertiliser requirement determination


Our service:

Here you can find our order forms as well as all necessary information about our bottle set and the ordering of empties.

For sampling and shipping details please refer to our download section Information Material


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Our vacancies

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