Feed Analysis

We have exceptional expertise particularly in the analysis of vitamins, dioxins and mycotoxins. Farmers, retailers and feed manufacturers from all over the world hand their samples over to us.


Single and mixed feed (constituents & nutritional value)

Precise knowledge of constituents and nutritional value is essential when it comes to using the appropriate fodder.

Basic Feed: Grass Cobs, Silage, Hay

Just one laboratory test is needed to reveal the nutritional value of the basic feed you have produced yourself.

Special Fodder Analysis: Vitamins, Dioxins, Mycotoxins, etc.

Aside from general nutritional parameters, we offer all the necessary internal quality assurance tests for desirable and undesirable constituents.

Genetically modified Organisms (GMO) in feed

The AGROLAB GROUP and its laboratory AGROLAB LUFA GmbH in Kiel use a highly sensitive procedure based on real-time PCR technology that can reliably, accurately and inexpensively measure GMO contamination in feed.

Recognised analysis for QS and GMP+

The AGROLAB GROUP is your ideal laboratory partner for analyses to ensure the quality of your feed. Our AGROLAB laboratories for feed analysis are allowed to perform the analysis of feed within the quality control program GMP+. The laboratories AGROLAB LUFA GmbH (DE), AGROLAB Dr. Verwey B.V. (NL) and AGROLAB Italia (IT) are also QS approved laboratories in the field of feed analysis.



All about european feed legislation

Feed legislation in the EU contains detailed provisions concerning the quality, composition and labelling of single and compound feedstuffs, as well as feed additives. Sampling and analytical testing are regulated by guidelines so that reproducible and reliable controls can be guaranteed.


In this context, the following aspects are of interest:


  • Does the feed contain all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements required by animals for healthy growth?
  • Is the feed free of contaminants, pathogens and genetically modified organisms (GMO)?


The routine testing of feed quality can answer these questions. Safeguard yourself and your commercial success. Let us help you.


Why feed analysis is of vital importance

Man is at the end of the food chain. Consumers have recently received a painful reminder of this fact: dioxin in free-range eggs, MPA in glucose syrup, antibiotics in turkey legs, BSE in steak, dioxin in chicken breasts. The source of these contaminants was almost exclusively traced back to animal feed.


A few black sheep discredit the entire industry with their negligence or criminal intentions. Farmers, retailers and consumers all feel deceived, insecure and threatened.


Only intensified, routine self-checks of raw materials and end products - from one end of the production chain to the other - can restore public confidence.


The AGROLAB GROUP can support you in achieving economic success.