AGROLAB Austria GmbH - Meggenhofen

Trappenhof Nord 3

4714 Meggenhofen



Tel. +43 7247 210000

Fax. +43 7247 2100050

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Since 20 October 2004, the lab has been accredited as per EN ISO/IEC 17025 to conduct a total of 71 test methods.

The test reports and appraisals we produce are accepted by authorities and agencies throughout the EU.

Our equipment

  • Gas and liquid chromatographs (GC; HPLC)
  • Atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS, ICP)
  • Infrared analysers
  • Photometers and spectrometers
  • AOX, EOX, POX and TOC analysers
  • Video titrators
  • Gas analysers for emission and immision measurement
  • Automated sampling apparatus
  • Special submersible pumps
  • Volumeters (Q-loggers)
  • Fully equipped sample collection bus
  • Apparatus for soil air measurement