AGROLAB has an excellent sample logistics system. The first question is, how to quickly obtain the containers (bottles, transport boxes)? Secondly, we have to ensure that your samples reach us quickly, completely, and unscathed.


We have simple answers to these questions. Rest assured, we will supply you with the materials you need and arrange for the samples to be collected - a fast, straightforward service extending right across Europe. Samples are transported to the lab overnight, for example.


The bottle set for water combines easy handling with optimized cooling in a unique box system, which has been explicitly designed for the purposes of AGROLAB. It will be used throughout Europe for all water matrices.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • One system for all AGROLAB laboratories
  • A transport box system which is certified in regard to its capabilities (e.g. temperature and stability).
  • Preservation according to EN ISO 5667-3 and additional local criteria
  • Clear identificationof each bottle, from sampling to results, through the use of removable, self-adhesive labels with barcodes
  • Greater transport securitythrough the increased use of PE/PET bottles and the adaption of the transport box to the new bottle set
  • More stability, lighter boxes and better handling - we have reduced the requested amounts per analysis and optimized the boxes in terms of weight
  • Packagingof bottles and boxes will take place according to the sample, which makes the process more efficient on all sides. Sorting bottles is now a thing of the past
  • In combination with our customer portal ALOORA, unambiguous, unmistakable and gap-free assignment, from sampling to reporting, is a given – manual labeling or copying of information is superfluous

You can download all needed documents in the Download area.

Using our own drivers and our partner, UPS, we can offer a perfectly safe and secure service.



UPS provides two difference transport options for our customers. You can simply take your package to a UPS drop-off point near you, or you can order collection through eWay.


Our partner UPS runs an online platform for producing delivery labels, tailored to our customers' needs. "eWay" access allows you to produce your own delivery labels quickly and easily. Your competent customer service team at the laboratory can set up an account for you, adapt it to your requirements and instruct you on how to use it.


eWay from UPS


■       Enter your contact details

■       Select your competent laboratory

■       Details of package

■       Print your label(s) and affix to package.