Whether it be allergens, pesticide residues, heavy metals, dioxins or other harmful substances - we test the safety of your products. For tests that are required for a product release, we offer an express service upon request. Our size and capacities allow us to provide regular customers with professional support and free analytical capacities in crisis situations.


Overview of our services

Heavy metals in food

Heavy metals in food

Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury are potent pollutants. They occur naturally in the earth's crust and enter our biosphere primarily as a result of industrial processes. Stringent limits have been set, compliance with which must be tested regularly.


We test for residues in the following foods:

  • Raw materials, premixes, nutritional supplements and concentrates
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Meat and meat products
  • Ready meals and preserves
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Confectionery and snacks
  • Honey
  • Soft drinks,
  • Drinking and mineral water
  • Dietary food products
  • Special dietary foods
  • Fruit & vegetables, delicacies
  • Frozen products


Benefits of AGROLAB analysis for food residues

  • We conduct rapid and inexpensive tests that mean product safety doesn't cost a fortune.
  • Our range of analytical methods is continuously adapted to the prevailing circumstances.
  • The AGROLAB GROUP offers you reliable, unbiased analysis results.
  • We evaluate the results in a comprehensible way with a view to the permissible statutory limits.
  • We keep our customers informed of potential, new risks that come to light during residue testing.
  • Efficient laboratory techniques, high measurement capabilities and an experienced team guarantee rapid and reliable order processing, even in a crisis.

Why regular self-checks are so important?

Anyone producing and marketing foodstuffs bears a huge responsibility, also in the legal sense. Proof of regular self-checks may therefore be of pivotal importance in the event of a claim for damages. This includes traceability of the flow of goods on the one hand, and random analytical sampling on the other. These procedures provide assurance of the quality of the raw material, processes and end products. We can gladly advise you on this matter.