AGROLAB complies with all current ordinances and prescriptions. Upon request, we can develop a testing plan free of charge, and take care of the organisation of the samples by our nation-wide sampling network. AGROLAB is recognised by BGK, FBK and ReSyMeSa, among others.


Overview of our services

Analysis for compost plants

Analysis for compost plants

The accredited laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP perform analyses in accordance with the Biowaste Ordinance (BioAbfV) and the requirements of the Federal Compost Quality Assurance Organisation (BGK), the Professional Association of Bavarian Compost Manufacturers (FBK), and the Quality Compost Society of Austria.

Targeted analysis enables continuous monitoring of compost quality, helping you achieve a valuable and marketable product and soil enhancer. With the aid of regular compost analysis you will have a better professional basis upon which to make decisions, avoiding poor investments as well as costly failures.


Analysis for biogas plants

Analysis for biogas plants

AGROLAB GROUP's laboratories can help you optimise your biogas plant. We offer a broad spectrum of chemical, microbiological and physical analyses for in-process control and acute causal study.


  • Input
    Your plant will only run smoothly with the right bacterial feed. We can analyse all the vital parameters: fermentable substances (Weende analysis), dry substance, organic substance, determination of theoretical gas yield as per Baserga (NIR or wet chemical method), 21-day gas formation rate (as per German DIN 38414). This can also be used as a calculation tool for your suppliers.
    Test your input material first for known confounding variables: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, heavy metals and isobutyric acid.


  • Output
    For the purposes of cost-efficient, appropriate re-utilisation of solid digestates from your biogas plant, you should determine fertiliser value and safety. We perform testing in accordance with the requirements of the BGK (Federal Compost Quality Assurance Organisation) and QLA (quality assurance system for organic waste), and analyse all relevant parameters in the digestate, including declaration as an organic fertiliser.


  • Gases
    Odourless, high-energy gases are our goal. The composition is key. We measure the content of methane, siloxane, hydrogen sulphide, etc. Where present, you will be informed of the statutory limits and conventional classification along with the values measured.


  • Process monitoring
    For the purposes of process monitoring and control of fermentation, we analyse: nutrients and heavy metals, fatty acid profile (GC-MS), acetic acid equivalence, necessary trace elements such as iron, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, selenium and molybdenum, microbiology, FOS/TAY



We have a nationwide network of trained sampling professionals accredited by the BGK (Federal Compost Quality Assurance Organisation ). We can gladly arrange for professional and, if necessary, regular sampling to take place.


Leave the scheduling to us.


If you prefer to take your own samples, we can gladly provide support in the form of collecting and transporting them to the lab.