Our Rotterdam laboratory Dr. A. Verwey is now also QS-certified for animal feed.


In addition to the AGROLABGROUP laboratories LUFA-ITL - Kiel (DE, Kiel), and R&C LAB SRL (IT, ltavilla/Vicentina), Dr. A.Verwey B.V. (NL, Rotterdam) is now also authorised to carry out QS analyses for our customers.QS sees itself as a quality program that endeavours to assure quality from the farmer through to the shop counter. There is a control plan for the feed industry to ensure the quality of the animal feed. Here, all participants, from the farmer through to the feed manufacturers, are obliged to carry out regular inspections of their products against defined parameters.


In our animal feed product area you can learn more about our analysis portfolio. Please see the table below for analyses that are now QS-certified at the VERWEY laboratory. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our field representatives. You can find your regional contact through the contact finder “Contact in your country” on the right side.