Rapid, inexpensive and professional sampling by AGROLAB: anywhere in Germany!

We can put the collection of your samples in the hands of our comprehensively trained staff. AGROLAB has an extensive network of accredited and certified sampling professionals. They undergo regular training to ensure they are aware of the latest standards. If necessary, we can organise the routine collection of samples for you. Leave the scheduling to us.


Our sampling professionals also ensure that samples reach the lab quickly and safely. More information under SAMPLE LOGISTICS


Taking your own samples

If you prefer to take your samples yourself, we can provide you with complimentary kits (sample containers) or loan you equipment. Sample packing slips can be downloaded.


You will also find helpful information and instructions on how to take samples correctly on our website. This information varies a great deal - from water to different soil samples to slurry - and can be located on the individual product pages.


Collection of samples

If you prefer to take your own samples, we can gladly provide support in the form of collecting and transporting them to the lab. More information can be found under SAMPLE LOGISTICS