102 laboratories from 19 countries took part in the QS laboratory performance assessment for monitoring plant protection products in fruit, vegetables and potatoes - including AGROLAB LUFA in Kiel and AGROLAB Polska in Deblin.


Our two residue laboratories performed very well and found and correctly quantified all active substances in the spiked kohlrabi sample.


A total of eight active substances had to be identified and quantified in the test sample, including two active substances that were tested for the first time in a QS laboratory competence test.

An additional challenge arose from the fact that some active substances were present in concentrations close to the limit of quantification, while others were doped in high concentrations.


Seven of the active ingredients were detected using the GC/LC MS multimethod, while the eighth, chlorate, had to be determined using a single method.


Laboratory comparison tests are important components of quality assurance for accredited laboratories and regularly confirm the reliability of analytical determinations and the professional interpretation of results. 

YOUR PLUS: AGROLAB laboratories are among the 59 QS-recognised laboratories that passed the interlaboratory comparison test without any errors.


Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger