artificial intelligence

Currently, a discussion is developing around the AI-based application ChatGPT by the American company OpenAI and similar text machines. Of course, we have also considered to what extent we could have the RADAR created by an AI-based software in the future.


As a test task, I asked ChatGPT to write an article on why it makes sense to continue having scientists write RADAR. Judge the result for yourself:


As an AI model, ChatGPT can generate texts in natural language, but there are some reasons why it is still better to rely on scientists as copywriters for the AGROLAB RADAR newsletter:


  1. Scientific expertise: Scientists are trained in their field and have a deep understanding of the topics they write about. They can explain complex scientific concepts in an understandable way and provide background information that is useful to the reader.
  2. Trustworthiness: In the scientific community, it is important to be transparent and objective. Scientists follow strict methods to ensure that their findings are accurate and reliable. Using scientists as copywriters for the AGROLAB RADAR newsletter can increase readers' confidence in the accuracy and credibility of the information.
  3. Human empathy: Scientists can integrate human feelings and experiences into their texts, which can contribute to a broader understanding of the issues. They can bring their personal perspective and experience to bear on the relevance and importance of the issues being addressed.
  4. Adaptation to target groups: Scientists can tailor their texts to specific audiences by simplifying technical terms and concepts or addressing specific interests. They can also adapt their texts to the knowledge and interests of the readers to promote better understanding and interest.


Although ChatGPT is able to generate texts, it is still better to rely on scientific expertise to ensure that the texts are factual, reliable and meet the requirements and needs of the readers.


We would have formulated this more briefly, but at least there are some arguments in the text that we would also have put forward in this way.


YOUR PLUS: We continue to rely on our competent editorial team, choose the topics for the newsletter according to the needs of our readers every month and write the articles ourselves, asking our colleagues in the European offices for the respective translations.


Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger (AGROLAB GmbH)