Here we present a retrospective monthly summary of remarkable results from the residue analysis in fruit & vegetable performed in our own laboratories.


1) Critical results with respect to max. residue level (MRL) utilization (OCTber 2022)

Product Active substance Utilisation MRL [%] Origin
Apples Dicloran 330 France
Lemons 2,4-D (free acid) 320 South Africa
Mandarines 2,4-D (free acid) 750 South Africa
Onions Chlorpropham 330 Germany
Pumpkin Sum Heptachlor, -epoxide cis+trans            850 France

© Data from measurements at AGROLAB LUFA GmbH.

* Please note, that only from a MRL utilization of 200% and above a product is no longer marketable!

2) Critical results with respect to ARfD utilisation (OCTber 2022)

No critical results in October.


© Data from measurements at AGROLAB LUFA GmbH
* With an ARfD value below 100% an acute health risk on a singular intake by a consumer can be excluded.

3) Samples with >5 detected active substances in the sample (OCTOBER 2022)

Product Count actives Origin
Apples 9 Germany
7 Italy
6 France
Apricots 8 Serbia
7 unknown
7 Serbia
7 Hungary
Blackberries 7 Serbia
Leak 6 France
Oranges 6 South Africa
Parsley 9 France
6 Germany
Pears 9 France
Raspberries 8 Serbia
Red currant 9 Poland
6 Germany
Sour cherries 6 Poland
Strawberries 8 Belgium
Table grapes 6 Greece
6 Italy

© Data from measurements at AGROLAB LUFA GmbH  

Authors: Annika Ulbricht (AGROLAB LUFA), Dr. Frank Mörsberger