Year after year, AGROLAB Italia confirms its ability to offer a quality service by successfully passing the PTs of two certification bodies for which the laboratory is certified.


We are pleased to inform you that AGROLAB Italia has successfully passed the PTs for both certifications. BNN is a German association that aims to monitor pesticide and contaminant residues in organic products.

The test set up by this association is one of the most demanding in the analysis of pesticide residues and contaminants at trace level in Europe.

GAFTA is a London-based international association of traders, brokers, superintendents, analysts, fumigators, referees and other professionals in the international grain trade.

GAFTA is a highly regarded certification for traders.


YOUR PLUS: Within the AGROLAB GROUP, the following laboratories are recognised by BNN and/or GAFTA:


  • AGROLAB Italia
  • AGROLAB Iberica
  • AGROLAB LUFA (Germany)










Autoren: Giulio Lora, Enrico Goldin