With the inclusion of sodium analysis in the scope of Agrolab Ibérica, the laboratory obtains accreditation in the programme "Tests for nutritional information".


An accreditation programme is defined as a pool of test methods that are needed entirely in order to receive a full accreditation by the Spanish accreditation body ENAC.


Labelling allows us to know the origin of a food, its shelf life, an ingredients list with allergen notice and nutritional information: energy, fat (thereof saturated fatty acids), carbohydrates (and thereof sugar), protein and salt content. The mandatory information is regulated by EU commission regulation (EU) 1169/2011.

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and are interested to know what ingredients were used. Besides the mandatory information, the label often contains additional info for consumers in order to facilitate their choice.


YOUR PLUS: With the latest accreditation of the analysis of sodium (ICP-AES) for calculating the sodium chloride level in food, AGROLAB Ibérica closed the last gap within the Accreditation Programme: Tests for nutritional information (according to NT-70.01),


You may download the updated accreditation scope by clicking the following link:





Author: Roberto Ezquerro, Dr. Frank Mörsberger