corn on the cob

AGROLAB LUFA is continuously expanding the spectrum of detection methods for genetically modified organisms.


For maize in all biological matrices the following GMO maize events can be determined qualitatively and also quantitatively. We work with accredited in-house methods based on the official protocols of the "Joint Research Centre for GMO food and feed" of the European Union. 

  • Maize Bt11 qualitative
  • Maize Bt11 quantitative
  • Maize MON 87460 qualitative
  • Maize MON 87460 quantitative
  • Maize 4114 qualitative
  • Maize 4114 quantitative
  • Maize MON 87411 qualitative 
  • Mais MON 87411 quantitative


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Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger