Fruit jelly bears with vitamins

Many parents think they are doing their children a favour by giving them additional vitamins and minerals in the form of nutritional supplements.

The Bavarian Consumer Center has found that preparations for children contain too high a dosage, which entails health risks.


Quickly dissolving a fizzy tablet or giving the child a "vitamin candy" as a reward not only shows a certain laziness, but can also have negative effects. Every tenth child regularly takes food supplements. However, many preparations contain much too high a dosage of vitamins and trace elements for children, as a test by the Bavarian Consumer Advice Centre has revealed. Overdoses can even cause health problems and these products are simply useless.


Children mistake the vitamin gummy bears with sweets. Parents soothe their consciences that these candies are even healthy. This is a mistake, according to the testers, who tested 26 products for their ingredients and their dosage.


YOUR PLUS: AGROLAB examines food supplements for their correct specification also with regard to the recommended daily intake and possible overdose risks.

Our tip: fresh fruit and vegetables every day are better than additional vitamin drops.



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Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger