apple basket

For the upcoming 3 years the proposal for the coordinated control programme of the European Union to ensure compliance with maximum residue levels of pesticides and to assess the consumer exposure to pesticide residues in and on food of plant and animal origin, has been presented to the member states and stakeholders.


The draft programme focuses on 10 foods of plant origin and 2 foods of animal origin. In 2022 it is planned to take 683 samples in total from apples, strawberries, peaches/nectarines, wine, lettuces, head cabbages, spinach and tomatoes. As grains oats and barley are on the list. Products of animal origin will be cow milk and pork fat. Plant derived materials shall be analysed for 187 different pesticides the animal derived matrices will be tested for only 26 parameters.


New parameters for fruit and vegetables in the European monitoring will be aclonifen, cyantraniliprole, metaflumizon and sulfoxaflor.


YOUR PLUS: With AGROLAB’s pesticide residue portfolio you are always on the safe side as the parameters which shall be tested within the EU monitoring are all included in our routine packages of course.




Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger