After the latest revision of the Guideline “Residue monitoring” in fruit, vegetables and potatoes by the German QS Organisation the laboratories will have to fulfil stricter requirements than before. Besides the common multimethod the QS labs also have to proof their ability to check for Dithianon, Dodine, Fenbutatinoxid and phenoxyalkanoic acids.This was already part of the latest lab challenge organised in spring 2016.


There were 62 participants in the latest proficiency test organised by QS to gain or keep the acceptance as approved laboratory for residue analysis in fruit, vegetables and potatoes. 50 labs passed the test and thereof 29 with best marks, for having identified and quantified all residues correctly in the rig tests sample (apple)


LUFA ITL GmbH which was among the first labs in Europe being recognised by QS, again passed the test perfectly.
And we are also proud, that our Polish lab AGROLAB Polska S.p.z.o.o. could proof the same professionalism repeatedly now and became now the first Polish lab accredited by German QS GmbH.


12 out of the participants failed the test. This can happen even to experienced labs. They must pass the autumn challenge to keep their accreditation as QS lab.


Your AGROLAB labs were successfully participating !