AGROLABGROUP started a co-operation with IGV Testlab in Potsdam getting access to their exclusive and innovative HPLC MS/MS multi allergen screening.


AGROLABGROUP is the first lab-group in Europe which will broadly offer to its clients a multi-allergen screening based on an HPLC MS/MS platform. The tests will be performed in collaboration with our partner lab IGV Testlab in Potsdam.

The colleagues developed, validated and accredited the first multi-method for qualitative and quantitative determination of important potential food allergens (egg, soy, milk, lupine, hazelnut, sesame, mustard). The screening is based on the institute’s outstanding expertise in protein analysis and grain processing.

Reliable methods for food allergen tests

The LC MS/MS screening allows the fast, reliable measurement of allergic protein and peptides in one run. It can also be applied to highly processed food based on grains (e.g. cereals, bread , cakes etc). while the common  ELISA methods fail  due to loss of native shape of the target protein.  It is also superior to PCR methods used for indirect determination via DNA, which is not the allergen itself but only an indicator of the potential presence of the allergenic compound.

Your Plus: We offer a multi-allergen screening based on HPLC MS/MS platform

The new screening packages comprise 4, 6 or 7 allergens determined simultaneously in grain-based matrices. The range of allergens will be further  extended with the time.

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