Cup trophy

In a study conducted by the reputable F.A.Z. Institute over a period of two years, AGROLAB as the leading laboratory company was recognised a "Modern Employer in 2024". This was based on German-language domains such as websites, news pages, forums, blogs, social media channels, consumer pages and press releases. An AI analysis evaluated the areas of innovation, digitalisation, sustainability, career, salary, corporate culture and employer fairness in equal measure.


AGROLAB achieved the maximum score of 100 points among the laboratory companies!


The study thus confirms AGROLAB's attractiveness as an employer. For almost four decades, AGROLAB has focussed on long-term strategies for quality and service in its portfolio of activities through qualified and committed employees. Promoting individual skills, fairness and team spirit are important measures for employees. As are a modern environment and a socially useful product or service.

Simply said: "One always causes the other". A strong workforce ensures excellent service, the success of which guarantees job security. AGROLAB works continuously to maintain and improve these framework conditions!




For around four decades, the laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP have been offering reliable, high-quality chemical analysis services throughout Europe. With around 2,500 employees at more than 25 locations, AGROLAB is one of the European price-performance market leaders in the fields of agricultural, environmental, water, food and animal feed analysis.


Source: Moderne Arbeitgeber -