Clear structures for environmental and water analysis


AGROLAB continues its steady development to better fulfil the requirements of its customers. As since beginning of 2024, important changes have been implemented in our corporate structure, which we would like to share with our customers an partners.
"AGROLAB Wasseranalytik GmbH" has been created as an independent limited company, with headquarters in Eching am Ammersee and a branch lab in Fellbach near Stuttgart. This new unit will focus exclusively on analysing clean water, including drinking water in the broader sense and clean groundwater. This will enable us to further expand our expertise in this area and offer our customers even more targeted services.
AGROLAB Labor GmbH in Bruckberg will continue to be fully dedicated to the analysis of environmentally relevant samples, including wastewater. This clear separation of our business areas enables us to optimise our quality management and minimise risks more effectively.
Our customers can rest assured that these structural adjustments will serve to maintain and continuously improve our services in the fields of water and environmental analysis at the highest level.
We thank you for your trust in AGROLAB and are at your disposal for further information and questions.


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Veronika Greimel

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