The German consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST tested potato crisps in the paprika flavour. Of the 20 commercial samples tested, seven were organic products.


Only a few products could convince the testers. The grade "very good" was only awarded to one product from an organic producer. For three conventionally produced products, the magazine awarded the grade "poor".


As typical contaminants, the testers found above all elevated levels of acrylamide, 3-MCPD/glycidyl fatty acid esters and mineral oil residues, including MOAH, which is classified as harmful to health, in three organic products. The EU guideline value for MOAH was even exceeded in one product.


YOUR PLUS: The AGROLAB laboratories have also been testing these types of snack products for many years for the residues mentioned and support your minimisation strategies with independent process controls.


Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger