From left to right: Marta Peloso, Rossella Bortolus, Enrico Goldin, Marica Bellè, Melissa Rezzante, Daniela Cattelan

CRM - Customer Relationship Management - is a characteristic department for AGROLAB in general and for AGROLAB Alimentalia in particular. The team provides technical assistance to the customer at every stage of the process, both before and after the analysis.

Presentation of the Group

The CRM department is responsible for the overall management of samples, with each person entirely dedicated to the customer and with a high level of technical expertise. Their goal is to anticipate customer needs in order to provide the best service at every stage.


Thanks to their experience in the food and feed sector and the related legislation, they help customers with product control and validation of quality protocols.



  •     Analytical data evaluation
  •     Consulting in food, feed, animal husbandry, etc.
  •     Implementation of analysis plans
  •     Shelf life
  •     Challenge tests
  •     Panel tests
  •     Organisation of control plans
  •     Legislative evaluation of food labels

Team members

  •     Marta Peloso – Key account manager
  •     Rossella Bortolus – Challenge test and shelf life expert
  •     Enrico Goldin – Head of CRM department
  •     Marica Bellè – Self assessment plans and intra-group relationship management
  •     Melissa Rezzante – Senior CRM with high analytical experience
  •     Daniela Cattelan – Panel test leader

 Author: Laura Dalla Libera