1st January 2023 marks the starting line of the new Italian company "AGROLAB Alimentalia", which specialises in analytics in the food and feed sector. The business branch has already existed within AGROLAB Italia S.r.l. since 1990 and now focuses on food and feed as a separate company. The team of 50 people based in Altavilla (Veneto) sets its priority to providing food and feed analysis with the latest technology, always ensuring the highest quality and courteous service.


The microbiology, molecular biology, bromatology and residues laboratories form the core of AGROLAB Alimentalia, which is constantly connected to the outside world through its customer service (CRM), sales and pick up service staff.


The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction in all aspects of our service. We are continuously improving the existing system. Being part of the European AGROLAB GROUP ensures stability and a knowledge advantage through exchange with many experienced colleagues. The pronounced will to always face new challenges from the market, legislation and customer requirements guarantees a lively flow of innovation.


Our range of services extends from the initial customer consultation, sample collection or collection service and accredited analytics, to the issuing of the test report including support by our customer service in the laboratory. The following areas delimit the special field and AGROLAB Alimentalia:

  • Food
  • Feed
  • Water


AGROLAB Alimentalia was founded with the intention of responding even more specifically, quickly and accurately to the needs of food feed customers.


More information will follow shortly...



Authors: Giulio Lora, Laura Dalla Libera