Sustainable processes have long been decisive quality criteria for our customers, partners and employees as well as an integral part of public opinion. This is now also reflected in laws and regulations, which are being tightened up with regard to energy-saving measures and sustainable environmental protection.

Smaller footprint

The AGROLAB GROUP wants to further reduce its ecological footprint significantly. We are replacing fossil fuels step by step and will thus contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Two laboratory sites are already heated by a wood chip heating system using wood by-products from peasant farming. In the years 2022 and 2023, photovoltaic systems will go into operation on the roofs of five laboratory sites of the AGROLAB GROUP, with which we will generate almost 40% of the electricity required ourselves. An investment sum of around 2 million euros is available for PV systems alone.



AGROLAB also invests in modern ventilation concepts with heat recovery systems that feed process heat into the ventilation circuit. The modernization of the ventilation system at AGROLAB LUFA site in Kiel alone will result in energy savings of approx. 826,000 kWh per year. The lighting equipment at all sites is being converted to energy-saving, long-life LED lamps with demand-adjusted lighting control and presence detectors that automatically switch off lamps if they are forgotten to be switched off after work.



Continuous consumption monitoring already takes place at seven AGROLAB sites and is evaluated annually. Above all, key figures such as chemical consumption, separation of recyclable residues and non-recyclable waste, electricity consumption or the energy consumption of company vehicles are systematically observed, documented and evaluated in order to be able to make effective decisions and formulate new goals. Once an optimum has been reached, it is important to maintain it.

YOUR BENEFIT: We all take care to use our dwindling resources sparingly and responsibly - day after day.





Autor: Dr. Paul Wimmer