On 01.06.22, the inauguration of the new laboratory building of AGROLAB Ibérica in Burgos took place. Regular customers were able to gain their first impressions of the modern premises.



Paul Wimmer, the General Manager of AGROLAB GROUP opened the ceremony and praised the commitment of the local Managing Director Jorge Fernandez and his fabulous team: "In the past, we only had a small branch here in Burgos. After long discussions, we decided to set up the main AGROLAB Spain laboratory in Burgos. Through the excellent work of everyone involved, we finally managed to build a truly significant AGROLAB laboratory in record time."


The large laboratory site has one of the most comprehensive analytical offerings in Spain. In addition to the typical analytical parameters, the complete range of residue analysis can be offered now. Moreover, the new testing institute is one of the few Spanish laboratories that is GMP+ accredited and carries out all tests in-house. Dr. Paul Wimmer is particularly proud of this: "We have realised the goal of being able to carry out the entire analytical spectrum under one roof. This avoids the need to send numerous samples and reduces the associated environmental impact. The customer will be pleased to receive the test results noticeably faster."

The design of AGROLAB in Burgos was based on the process route of the tests combined with the goal of providing a good environment for all workers. Now, samples move smoothly and thus faster through the lab, all while reducing the burden on staff.


The generous laboratory space of 3.200 sqm offers the capacity for a growing number of samples, hopefully good developments and thus secure jobs.

Managing Director Jorge Fernandez addressed many appreciative and motivating sentences to his team and thanked them most sincerely for their willing cooperation in the past months.

Afterwards, the invited guests were able to take more than a look behind the scenes. Many were impressed by the state-of-the-art technology and the unimagined size of the laboratory.


With elegant and delicious catering, typical Spanish appetisers and fine drinks, the festivities came to a crowning conclusion in the evening for guests, customers and above all for the employees.




Author: Madita Reiner