The recognized residue laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP have again successfully participated in the 30th QS GmbH laboratory competence test in 2021.


The results were presented at QS laboratory manager meeting in February. Don't be surprised! AGROLAB LUFA's next turn will not be until spring 2022. 77 laboratories from 18 countries participated in the QS residue laboratories competence test in October 2021. A potato sample spiked with various pesticide active ingredients was used as the test matrix, with special attention paid to the correct detection of sum parameters and their metabolites, such as phenoxycarboxylic acids.


Of the 77 participants, 51 laboratories defended their recognition, while 24 laboratories applied for initial approval. Two-thirds of all laboratories passed the proficiency test. Among the approved laboratories, 80% managed to renew their recognition, while among new applicants only 9 laboratories (38%) passed the test. One reason for this poorer rate could be that the comparative test had assumed that the participating laboratories kept their analytical spectrum up to date and had methods in place to cross-validate results. The QS laboratory comparison tests have been taking place since 2006 and are not announced to the laboratories in advance. This is to ensure that the test samples go through the laboratory routine like "normal" samples and are not "specially treated".


If you are interested in the details of the last laboratory comparison, you can find the evaluations (anonymized) via the following web link: 


YOUR PLUS: Within the AGROLAB GROUP the following laboratories are recognized by QS-GmbH as laboratories for residue monitoring in fruit, vegetables and potatoes:


AGROLAB LUFA (Kiel, Germany)

AGROLAB Polska (Deblin)

AGROLAB Italia (Vincenza)



Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger