Revenue growth

For years, AGROLAB has been one of the 100 fastest-growing middle class companies in Germany. 2021 is no exception: AGROLAB is even among the top 50.


What is the reason for the company's success? Dr. Paul Wimmer, CEO of AGROLAB GmbH states: "The reasons for this growth are our customer-oriented work and a high degree of digitalization in our company, both internally in the process flows and externally. Such enormous growth would also not have been possible without the commitment of every single employee. In addition, as a medium-sized company, we adapt relatively quickly to market changes and this is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors."


The tax consultancy Munich Strategy has been recognizing the top 100 mmiddle class companies in Germany with the strongest growth and earnings since 2010. One basis for this list are annual financial statements published in the electronic "Bundesanzeiger". The evaluation covers a period of 5 years. More than 4,000 medium-sized companies in Germany from various industries were examined. 



AGROLAB was founded in 1986 and was at that time a pioneer of IT-supported laboratory analysis based on industrial processes. Today, the AGROLAB GROUP is a Europe-wide operating laboratory group with its headquarters in Landshut. With more than 1,900 employees in 28 European subsidiaries, AGROLAB is one of the market leaders in the industry.