Sesame Seeds

Our specialized laboratory for feed and food AGROLAB LUFA GmbH now offers accredited analysis of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol according to the current EURL method publication with high measuring capacity and short turnaround times.


Ethylene oxide is a highly toxic and reactive gas used to kill animal pests in warehouses and overseas containers. Due to its bactericidal and fungicidal effect, it is also still used to sterilise seeds, spices and other heat-sensitive food raw materials in large parts of the world - especially in Asia, but also in the USA.


In August 2020, the first reports of the illegal use of ethylene oxide in sesame seeds became known. In the meantime, residues of ethylene oxide and its degradation product 2-chloroethanol have also been discovered in spices and in various compound foods and animal feeds. While ethylene oxide itself decomposes quickly as a reactive gas, its main decomposition product is chemically stable and no less toxic.


YOUR PLUS: AGROLAB LUFA GmbH supports you with modern and accredited analysis in complying with the EU Maximum Residue Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005.


To order tests for ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol, please contact the sales representative in the AGROLAB GROUP responsible for you.

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Author: Dr. Martin Hanauer


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