BNN does not only take into account the test results for pesticide residue screening for organic products, but also among other things the evaluation with regard to legal requirement. AGROLABs food laboratory in Kiel passed with the rating “excellent”.


Congratulation to our colleagues in Kiel. As BNN (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e.V.) recognized laboratory AGROLAB LUFA GmbH passed the BNN proficiency test with the rating “excellent”. In this proficiency test not only the results of the lab were taken into account, but also the evaluation with regard to legal requirements, requirements of the BNN / organic associations. Thus, this is one of the most demanding proficiency test in pesticide residue and contaminants analysis at trace level in Europe obligatory for BNN recognised laboratories.


Therefore, BNN recognized laboratories excel among all others not only by highest analytical reliability, but also by experience in correct interpretation of complex results with respect to the requirements of the BNN.


Author: Dr. Katja Fuchs