Food supplements

The demand for targeted food supplements continues. We at AGROLAB have long been involved in the analysis of food supplements and have published some useful information for you clearly arranged in a product information.


The Working group “Food Supplements” (Lebensmittelverband e.V) has just published a press release according to which more than 90% of Germans feel stressed by the corona crisis and points out that the body has a particular need for vitamins and minerals to cope with stress.


As a rule, a balanced diet is sufficient to cover these needs, but in the current crisis, eating habits are also changing and people are increasingly turning to ready-made meals and food supplements. The latter can be helpful and appropriate for diagnosed deficiency symptoms, but they also carry risks if too much or inferior quality products are taken, which are often increasingly sold over the Internet.


For decades we have been intensively involved in the testing of food supplements - primarily in our AGROLAB laboratory in Kiel, which has a leading position in Europe in the field of vitamin, trace element and mineral testing. Our customers can have the regular testing of their products confirmed by an AGROLAB seal and test certificates. This increases confidence in the product among buyers.



The new product information provides information about our analysis portfolio and can be downloaded from the link provided.




Autor: Dr. Frank Mörsberger