AGROLAB features in the MSG TOP 100 for the 6th time, reaching the TOP 20 for the first time. In doing so, the company has proven its consistent performance which can be built on in the future.


The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) and the daily newspaper “Die Welt” chose the rising stars for growth and profit in the medium-sized business sector for the seventh time.


The winner was selected from around 3,500 companies based in Germany. In order to be considered, companies must show sustainable positive development in growth and profit over a period of five years. Quantitative key figures such as turnover and EBIT are taken as a basis for the selection.


MSG says: “Higher up we can see that the front-runners in the medium sized sector differ from the others through thought-out strategies, innovation, distinct company cultures and a high level of employee loyalty”.

The strong pillars of the AGROLAB GROUP: Collaborative processes, IT, service

Dr. Paul Wimmer, CEO of the AGROLAB GROUP, traces the success of the laboratory group back to the three pillars of his company strategy: Collaborative processes, consistent IT-support and a strict focus on service. “From the start I built on the consistent use of IT in our whole production process as well as on collaborative lab activities based on the model of industrial processes. Our service is naturally in the analytical sector and the related sampling and logistics. Our core innovation, however, comes from a completely different and less obvious sector. Our in-house IT team of around 20 employees is constantly working to further develop our production control system, which in turns helps us to manage the continuous production process of each individual sample. Of course, we’d also like to offer our customers additional services and for this we are concentrating on developing external communication platforms. With the aim of growing across Europe and being able to earn market shares for us in our sector, we will also continue to build on these pillars in the future. However, the success is not just down to the strategic development of the company, of course. Everyone of our employees helps to keep our company on the path to success with their dedication, hard work and ideas.”


AGROLAB also won two other prizes this year.


  • Winner: The Medium-sized Business Award
  • Finalist: Entrepreneur of the Year