We not only perform standard analyses reliably and quickly, but also cover the entire analytical range from arsenic to zinc.

Overview of our services

Macronutrients and trace elements

Agricultural Soil Analysis for Phytonutrients

Standard tests performed by AGROLAB entail pH, soil type, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium using the CAL or DL method. Fertiliser regulations demand that farmers test for pH and phosphorus content every six years as a minimum. Providing plants with adequate food in the form of trace elements such as boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, sodium and zinc, so as to guarantee growth and yield, is just as important as supplying them with macronutrients. Check the content of your soil.


Sampling as the basis for the right results

When taking a soil sample, we can issue a statement valid for one to ten hectares of arable land based on a sample of about 300 g. Hence the professional collection of a sample is vital to the outcome of the analysis, which should reflect reality.


Click here for instructions on how to take your own sample.

We can gladly send you the forms for sample collection, as well as soil bags.

Naturally you can also request that sampling be done by our specially trained team.