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Overview of our services


Oleiferous fruit (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed)


The AGROLAB GROUP tests roughly 50,000 oilseed samples (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed, etc.) every year for

  • Oil content (using NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) or soxhlet methods)
  • Foreign particles (sieving and manual selection)
  • Water content (drying chamber method)
  • Free fatty acids (soxhlet extraction with titration)
  • Fatty acid profiles (GC)


Member of FOSFA

Since the beginning of FOSFA our laboratories AGROLAB Agrarzentrum GmbH in Germany pdf PDF (EN) (246 KB) and AGROLAB Dr. Verwey B.V. in THe Netherlands pdf PDF (EN) (253 KB) have been FOSFA accredited. Both laboratories are full members of FOSFA.



Therefore, in addition to the FOSFA-sealed test reports for oil content results, we are the only laboratory in Germany that can provide you with further sealed findings:

  • On customer request, we can issue reports with NMR results in addition to sealed test results of Soxhleth extraction results. The advantages of this procedure for the customer are shorter sample throughput times and a lower cost factor due to better utilization of our analysis capacities.
  • Sealed test reports also for crude protein and Kjeldahl analysis results in oilseeds
  • FOSFA-sealed findings in GC analyses: (erucic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid)