For example, AGROLAB performs the tests for the Federal fertiliser distribution tests in Schleswig-Holstein. We perform the declaration analysis for commercial fertilisers competently and rapidly according to prescriptions.


Overview of our services

Commercial fertiliser

Industrial fertilizer

At our AGROLAB LUFA institute in Kiel, we test all commercially available mineral and organic fertiliser for phytonutrients and pollutants in accordance with the Law governing the Sale of Fertiliser [Düngemittelverkehrsgesetz] and the Fertiliser Ordinance [Düngemittelverordnung]. This includes, of course, the statutory fertiliser declaration.



Extra service

We aim to give you the best possible support and that little bit extra you won't find elsewhere. We can issue a statutory declaration for organic fertiliser supplied to third parties (e.g. via "slurry exchange") and agriculturally recycled secondary raw materials, based on the parameters tested.