AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH - Sarstedt

Breslauer Straße 60

31157 Sarstedt



Tel. +49 5066 901930

Fax.+49 5066 9019335

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Our activities:

  • Agricultural soils (nutrients, trace elements, soil physics, Nmin, AbfKlärV)
  • Horticulture soils and substrates
  • Irrigation water
  • Compost
  • Fermentation products
  • Analysis of commercial fertilisers (slurry, manure, liquid manure)
  • Biogas facility: input, output, process control
  • Analytics for process control in biogas plants

  • Anaerobic batch digestion test

  • Basic Feed / silage / hay
  • Plant analysis for fertiliser requirement determination


Our service:

Here you can find our order forms as well as all necessary information about our bottle set and the ordering of empties.

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Our vacancies

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